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San Luis Obispo
November 3, 2020
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State Senate
John Laird      Dist. 17[source]
State Measures
Yes      Proposition 14[source]
Yes *      Proposition 15[source]
Yes      Proposition 16[source]
Yes *      Proposition 17[source]
Yes      Proposition 18[source]
Yes      Proposition 19[source]
No *      Proposition 20[source]
Yes *      Proposition 21[source]
No      Proposition 22[source]
Yes      Proposition 23[source]
No      Proposition 24[source]
Yes      Proposition 25[source]
SLO Mayor
Heidi Harmon      [source]
SLO City Council
Kelly Evans *      [source]
SLO Measures
Yes      G-20[source]
Atascadero Mayor
Jerry Tanimoto      [source]
Atascadero City Council
Tory Keen      [source]
Atascadero Measures
Yes      D-20[source]
Yes      C-20[source]
Grover Beach Mayor
Jeff Lee      [source]
Grover Beach City Council
Anna Miller      [source]
Joseph Holmes      [source]
Oceano Community Services District
Cynthia Repogle      Board Member[source]
Paso Robles Measures
Yes      J-20[source]
San Miguel Measures
Yes      I-20[source]
Shandon Measures
Yes      H-20[source]